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Recorded at Giggle Wiggle Flint, Mi. (Jan. - May 2014)
Mixing and Mastering by D. Woods and Euclid.
Artwork by D. Woods


released July 4, 2016

Dion Woods - Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums and programming.



all rights reserved


WAVVR Tucson, Arizona

Booking contact: -My Name is Dion (Dino, Noid), and I like to party! I also write music in a few different genres. Some are FREE DL's, hope you all enjoy!

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Track Name: Sacrifice
"Here's a song I wrote for you. Does it matter if it's true? There's another point of view. Seeing things we never knew.
All I ask is that you chose. Who you keep and who you lose. But the song still sounds the same. Everytime I hear your name.
Is there something I should do. baby lovin' you's not cool. But it seems the only way. I just know that you won't stay.
When I'm telling you the truth. All you see is the abuse. So there's nothing left to say. And we go our seperate...
Ways! I! Find! Things inside that make me lose my mind. It's time, to try, anything new will seem to sacrfice!
I'm just sayin that I don't know anything. Once I figure it out I see I'm bleeding.
Countdown the termination is in sight. Wrapped up, afraid, I'm turning on the lights.
Former friends who steal from you in the end. I never seen the enemy in my bed.
She likes to lie, but never will she lie with me. falsifier cuz she's a speciality."
Track Name: Then You Met Me
"Then You Met Me"
"Why do you do this to me? You know how it feels. Just cuz somebody hurt you? But I'm not that guy.
Let go let them be that way, They won't get to far. I just want you close to me, stop pushing away.
Why can't you, Why can't you...
Say! Sweet things like she. So! You're pretty cool with attitude.
So What! Do you wanna do? Let's Stay! In bed and Fuck the night away.
You used to be so perfect. And then you met me. With just one touch I pushed you. The opposite way.
I did things to you I know, You'll never forget. Then you lost all your control, For that I feel bad.
Forgive me, I want to..."
Track Name: Useless
"Cyber eyes recognize all the things we terrorize. Are they Lies? you decide, make up your mind, realize.
Everything Is O.K. Then why'm I feeling the wrong way?
Streaming below. I don't care, I don't care anymore I won't.
Let you go. Pictures won't remind me how you feel up close.
We belong. Sew your skin, mix with my carbon fiber chrome.
Los download. Pixelate, my presence in your network.
You and I lost inside. Can't find my way through your mind. Carried through, you said it to. So much my heart needs for you.
Everything that I see reminds me of your taste.
Contrast you show. I don't care, I don't care anymore I won't.
Let you go. No you can't. You can't just leave me like this.
Body's no soul. It's O.K. I didn't use it anyway.
You should know. Without you my body's useless through and through."
Track Name: Odessa
"There's a catastrophe right in front of me. It's like I've always been blind.
The things that I don't see are what's confronting me. I let you go today.
All the times and the fucked up lies is why you're judging me. How bout you take a look.
Maybe I'm just made that way I don't care what you say. No way cuz that's not right. I'm so fucked up.
Like Odessa, I'm regretting you. Fucked this up too much. I haven't fucked enough."
Track Name: Timesink
"I'm a play this game out right. Shape. There's a second chance waiting for me.
They take life as if it's just a toy. Given light we won't be compromised.
Just a timesink I'm stuck on. The colours bend we find a reason.
Tearing thru the flesh it sticks to nothing.
I've been making up my mind. The way I feel about their crimes.
Doesn't make us rich, and we are losing.
They made us wait a long time. And then We find there's nothing behind.
All the things they say amount to nothing.
Snow Crash High! Timesink, women's envy.
Fortune's Face! Lock sight, she's the only.
Say! Cartridge play, what's the sound, They! Try to skate. Take! Everything, they sell you."
Track Name: Condition

"For you I have the patience in me lasting I find it's lost.
Captured innocent numbers crunching, process them through our cloud.
Waiting for an answer from you, taking up all my time.
For me there's been no question as to how long this is going to last.
There's no way to tell how I'm feeling. Maybe I will never know.
Wish I felt the same way as you do. Do I feel or do I Know.
Why can't you and me be together. Only thing to do is choose.
The roads go in different directions. Maybe we'll choose the same one.
Tonight shapes our control relating to, free, go to lai no shai lai.
Closeness forms our chords in time we lie next to one one condition.
Venting outer relations bending. Form them right out of stone.
Laughing. Steps have been placed before me, take them one at a time.
Stop this taxing occupations when the rich just want more.
Your time has been lost forever can't get a minute back."
Track Name: Touch
"I don't know which way to go. Is it me? Or it's society I flow.
There's nobody lest they're taking over, it's a crime we had our time.
Now the reason starts to make me wonder 'What's it for?' Let's do some more.
Aggravation makes me lose much more than my temper. I lost it all.
Sitting here alone it makes me sadder everyday you're away.
Hey what you say gets right to me. Let's make our way. Always question her intellect.
It's far fetching through internet, I can't feel her touch.
Track Name: Hesitation
"Stop the envy wave. I don't care bout it and it's set to lower standards, it's like a social cancer.
Shake the lust I gave. Three or four times maybe more, but that was one night baby and you'll remember me so.
I gave you all my love in that car we had to break in. Remember the way it felt to be so out of control.
I didn't even know you. I think you might've knew me. The sweetest thing about you is there's no hesitation.
What'cha What'cha Said, What'cha What'cha Said!
That made me so crazy. She's something. Nobody. I can't recall the things I saw. She is now, just a dream.
Hesitation has its way, maybe love would fade away. Would it matter to me now? Everybody's hollowed out.
That's okay if all you need is a hole for your instincts. Where's the girl I used to know before the world stole her soul?"
Track Name: Hrtbrkr
"Heartbreak. Heartbreaker, yes you are. I'm Broke. I'm broken, now you're gone.
It's what she used to say. She used to tell me all her fantasies.
And then she ran away. Leaving me here to wonder why, it's so.
Tragic that our time, so short, ending without a reason why.
To me, now I stay. Careful, better take it easily.
You're the reason why. I don't let nobody in my life.
I'm a failure to. I can't tell you how much I love to lose."
Track Name: Someone Else
"Someone Else"
"It's hard to confess. THe way that I'm feeling. When you make a mess. I know that you're leaving.
Is there someone else? I know you've got secrets. You won't let me in. Even when I'm being so cool.
Wait there's something I must tell you. It's not easy, well just maybe.
It's poetic, and romantic. All you think is I'm pathetic.
I've found someone else. She's so special to me. Her touch helps me feel things I forgot were real, I know."